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I Am Rev. Linda Vanessa Boyd, (affectionately known as La). As a vessel and instrument of God/Goddess, I watch miracles unfold from little beings still formulating in the womb to elders a century plus years young being blessed by the Universal Life Force Energy called Reiki Healing.

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I give Honor to Our Creator, my Ancestors and my parents Troy B Boyd, Sr. and Ardrie I. Boyd who are both now ancestors. I am number 8 of their 11 children, born and reared in Brooklyn, NY.

I have been a Reiki Practitioner since 1997 and began facilitating Levels I & II workshops in 2003. I have attuned dozens of students, including Level III Reiki Masters and Master Teachers. My students range in age from 5 to 95 years. I work of the New "Iwi Farm Oasis Spa", located in the Lakewood Heights section of Atlanta, GA. and have been blessed to facilitate Reiki Attunement Workshops at Atlanta's Hillside International Truth Center since 2005 as well as other venues in various cities and states.


I received my first Reiki session on a Sunday afternoon in 1997 from my first Master Teacher, Brenda Boyd-Bell, PH.D, I did not want to get off the Reiki table because the experience felt so comforting, warm and just good to my core. I then experienced my first Attunement that same day. There was no formal class, workshop or guidance into this world of Reiki healing for my Level I. We, the students were taken through a session of hand placements for both self-healing and hand placement for working with others, as related to the Chakra system. Then told the importance of performing Reiki on self. That was it. Less than a year later I was led to my Reiki Level II Master Teacher and attunement. Two years later, I was led to my first Level III Master Teacher and was attuned to a Level III Reiki Master Teacher. In 2006, I received a message from Spirit, which stated, “You are to be impeccable for the students coming to you. Go to Sedona.” In June 2007, I was guided by Spirit to The Infinite Light Healing Center in Sedona, AZ and completed a three-day course in Advanced Reiki Training and the Advanced Master Teacher level. The certification is from the International Center for Reiki Training Usui/Tibetan system of healing. This was the second time I invested in Level III Master Teacher training. You will notice additional alternative healing modalities under services on this website, they are the added Tools I've become trained in and offer in my services as practitioner.


As a result of being invited to friends’ and associates’ families' hospital rooms and homes to offer the healing touch, God sent another message, I was to be ordained. I would be led to the ministry appropriate for me to do my work.

In October 2006, after required training I was ordained into the Madonna Ministry, which is a Global Interdenominational Ministry.


My Divine Work is Mobile and Global. The majority of my adult career has been in the role of Health Educator. I am trained as a Gerontology Specialist in Aging, a certified Doula and a Hospice volunteer. We begin our aging process from the time of conception, so let us Age Well. I have authored Reiki Training Manuals Level I, II and the Master Teacher Manual, as well as numerous articles on various topics. 


I am founder and director of Reiki Vibrations LLC. This organization consists of a variety of alternative and complementary Energy Practitioners, who have provided volunteer services at numerous Community Wellness Initiatives over the past 15 years. We have partnered with Atlanta's Wholistic Stress Control, Inc. for their annual events as well as the Annual African American HIV/AIDS Conference's Healing Room, The Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority, the Morehouse School of Medicine and more.

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