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Affiliate of International Center for Reiki Training Rev. Linda V. Boyd


The Reiki Attunement is the process by which a person receives the ability to give Reiki treatments. The attunement is administered by the Reiki Master Teacher during the Reiki class. During the attunement, the Reiki Master Teacher will touch the students' head, shoulders, and hands and use one or more special breathing techniques. The attunement energies will flow through the Reiki Master Teacher and into the student. These special energies are guided by the Higher Power and make adjustments in the students energy pathways and connect the student to the source of Reiki. Because the energetic aspect of the attunement is guided by the Higher Power, it adjusts itself to be exactly right for each student. During the attunement, the vibrations are raised to another level. Some students feel warmth in the hands, others may see colors or have visions, while others report feeling like they traveled. However, it is not necessary to have an inner experience for the attunement to have worked. Most simply feel a shift and more relaxed.

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